Alphonse Bernard Seny

Mail : alphb.seny@free.fr

Website : http://alphbseny.net

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He’s a tall lanky guy, both charming and modest with a slightly haunting insistant look in his eye. With this essential quality among photographers: an acute awareness of his talent, but also the it’s limits… A photographer who came into pictures to “meet people” and who still prefers words over images. This is the paradox of this photographer because he has found it to be “the only way to continue to make (his) life a series of meetings.”

Marc Charuel. Valmonde.

From studios in San Francisco to his small workshop in the Latin Quarter, he has always been a journalist. That is to say, photojournalist. But Alphonse B. has never been part of a writing: always freelance, outside, free. And not always faithful to the press. His curiosity has led him in down numerous paths, advertising, documentary films and television… His greatest project; a five star hotel that he created in communist Vietnam. Alphonse B. Seny casts a deeply human look over everything he does. At fifty, he has reached a real maturity and is published by leading magazines.

Benoît Baume. Le Monde de l’Image.

He claims to do everything for fun. “I was born at a time when being carefree was considered a quality.” It’s not quite true: his pleasure is to do, and to do what makes sense… He is passionate about all subjects. Society, travel, portraits of academics and writers, defense and geopolitics, rugby… In 2003, he covered the America’s Cup in Auckland, New Zealand, where he met the writer of these words (who remembers an inspired photographer and a wonderful friend, hilarious stories from the hinterlands of New Zealand).

Pierre Grundman. Attitude, Rue 89.

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