The way to England ! - Jean-Manuel Simoes

For several months the associations that deal with migrants in the area of Calais shoot all the alarm bells. Their messages have so far had a more symbolic, with the visit of the Minister of the Interior, and repressive -increased policemen, expulsions increase-, than practical in its request for help means to migrants.
To stem the “human tide” that is sweeping Calais -3000 illegal await to enter England- France has decided to set up more barriers -new protective wall around the port, more police means more resources to control trucks-. Illegal therefore remain longer in France.
In Calais their living conditions are unworthy and far away online casino from the ons that should provide a rich and developed countrie.
The grounds of the plant site Tioxide -classified Seveso- are transformed into real a real refugee camp with a thousand men, women and children coming from Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea. Countries at war against each other, but here everyone lives together trying to help each other.
Should war only be a political issue ?
In the migrants opinion French and English police keep the pictures published in the press to establish the routes of migrants, to identify them and return them in a country crossed, visual evidence to support. So I decided to hide their faces, shame!
But ethics and the precautionary principle come before aesthetics

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