Morts pour la France - Jean-Manuel Simoes

Across the Picardy region, above Compiegne until the Northern Region, an urban element strikes the visitor: the memorials of the Great War.
By their presence, the least populated in the main square of the city, the diversity of their decorations, the maintenance of which they are subject and which goes well beyond that accorded to other public buildings village, but especially by the number of registered names on each recalled under the epithet “Morts pour la France”.
These monuments, a century after the dramas they recall, perfectly fulfill this function by enrolling in an urban landscape they helped shape.
Even il I often go there, I remain a visitor, always passing. In my own way, with my eye as a photographer, I was touched by these “monuments”, and in the sense of Lee Friedlander with “The American online casino canada Monument” I searched for a photo documentary approach to capture all these “Morts pour la France”.
So I photographed these monuments beyond any commemoration, in their most trivial everyday, then I took all the names on these monuments and have reproduced photographs in frames. The whole becoming a monument recalling that this milestone is primarily a human-scale drama, fortunately, remained unmatched in the history of mankind.
Matz region gave its name to the battle that marked the turning point of the war. The offensive against allied with the arrival of American tanks, marks the beginning of the reconquest of the territory and the fall of the German Empire.
This common project of the 10-online photographers was labelised in the french photographic projects by the official institution in charge of the commemorations “Mission du Centenaire”.
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