Large Format Hollidays - Jean-Manuel Simoes

For many people holidays are the privileged period of the year to take pictures. This should also contribute significantly to the fact that photography is not always perceived as a profession, rather a fun and enjoyable activity associated with travel, tourism, sunlight and pretty girls. Many have also caught the  photographic virus by travel, for me it’s the girls.
Yet all photographers know the difference between walking with a camera and producing a photographic piece of work ready for sale. Without going into such considerations, ie build a series that meets the business requirements, I would like here addressed the issue of vacation photos. If the holidays are suitable for relaxation, they are mostly synonymous, oh supreme luxury, of time available. And holiday photos are, in fact, an indicator of the personality of the photographer. Some will photograph the family, other good times, others will focus on monuments visited, then a certain type will take the opportunity to use the camera to satisfy their photographic passion, or as a tool for meet in another (like animal photos …)
The last two years I went on holiday with a 4×5 inchs Arca Camera. Nothing to do with my daily work tool. Photographing with large format  is wearing about 30kg of equipment – body, lenses, frames, tripod-, having a limited number of views, do not having the eye to the viewfinder and especially anticipating, planning each shot, accepting not shooting, waiting !
It is a sport -in the physical sense- in the same way that an attitude of mind fully focused on contemplation. Photography in large format is probably the most zen attitude of the photographer.
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