Once upon a time… - Jean-Manuel Simoes

it always starts like that, but then?
As long as a subject, a verb, is not installed everything is still possible. Then gradually as the words are written, a story is built, others disappear.
The first time I went into an atmosphere of “red carpet-art opening-champagne”, needless to say I was not in my usual world. Lack of familiarity no doubt, but also shifting worlds. If everyone takes his own cultural capital everywhere he goes, nothing prevents the curious enrich its !
It is true that I went to see artwork by curiosity, didn’t know much about and absolutely no-one. Actually I mostly saw people looking perfectly at ease, passing their time to greet, strolling in front of pieces of art, commenting, drinking champagne and having fun.
This show brought me back to my condition which was beeing someone curious, visiting a place to discover and certainly not buying, and that depressed me. I then stayed in a corner only to find out that it was a great show offered to me, and as a spectacle that one had definitely to be materializable by a piece of artwork in terms of photography. Still had to be able, if not to perceive, at least to get a result. I started looking for technical solutions to problems related to insufficient light density per square meter, the lack of depth and flow volatility… Doors have begun to close, and the story by telling, tracing his own path.
Once upon a time … an art opening!
Then came the time for lonelyness and last month I locked myself in the darkroom. Four hundred fiber paper prints which I amused myself with random chemistries, reframing, having different interpretations, applying toning materials, wax, varnish to make unique and therefore irreproducible each print. WHY NOT?
The result will be exhibited from 23 May to Boïcos gallery in Paris, my idea of ​​a wall of prints has not been successful, there will be few, it’s a begining.
Work in progress ….
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