Migrant territories - Jean-Manuel Simoes

It was in November 2002, the French Minister of the Interior at the time announced that it would resolve the issue of illegal immigration in France by proceeding in the following months, the closure of ICRC Calais – Sangatte.
The center can not therefore accept any newcomers, open winters, the church of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul-de-Calais, disused because asbestos was occupied by local associations online casino to welcome newcomers.
Since that time I photograph more or less regularly in Calais and its surroundings. The Minister is gone, promised the highest functions, illegal as … towards England!
Ten years later, and despite considerable changes in the speed of information flow, the situation that I photographed so long in the north of France, I can photographed in Paris. What search!
To commemorate this sad anniversary, local associations to help illegal -Salaam, the Belle Étoile- organized several exhibitions on different photographic work in the region. You will see these photographs currently on the site of the former camp of Sangatte, and from November 27 at the Studio 43, Dunkirque.
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