N40, hooligan factory - Jean-Manuel Simoes

Located in the triangle Liverpool-Manchester-Birmingham, Stoke on Trent is a town in England totally unknown and clueless, barely served by a station that connects to the outside world once or twice a day. This old industrial city has undergone violent and like many others, de-industrialization of the Thatcher era. Today, nobody is going to Stoke except representatives in beer, some old workers, and football fans. For the heart, the soul of the city, is in his football club. And if the city is almost a ghost, its the famous hooligans “Naughty-Forty/ The N40″ are among the most feared of the championship.

The ancients, all stuck, banned from stadiums and to leave the country travel days, continue to live and transmit their passions, football and beer, on lots of local division. More open and less guarded, these stadiums and games dgfev online casino that allow developed there a business of violence. An Now that you have an idea of what you can afford, it”s time to take a look at the cost calculator from the Kaiser Family Foundation to get an idea of what you will pay on the Idaho health online health insurance quote exchange. industry that ranges from DVD sales to pulp fiction, all dedicated to the worship of hooliganism and recounting their exploits as acts of war. This business is a development of a violence that is rooted in British society, its class system and its management problems. Marc Chester former leader of the famous N40 continues to work on these territories. Each weekend of the championship, this bestselling author continues with his lieutenants to sluice stadiums, pubs, including identifying the potential of tomorrow. Hooliganism is not dead, it has adapted to new security standards, to other codes.

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