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Cannes: Aquariums - Christian Lionel-Dupont

After passing the foot of the towering pines of Cap d”Antibes, walled around the properties of Russian, littered with camera and security guards – an inaccessible world – I landed in this place known and highly symbolic of France: Cannes and the Croisette.

Cannes, the Croisette, where luxury brands are the packet. The package to sell the package to attract the crowd. A crowd of people from all casino backgrounds: those who are impressed with those who dream of Students must apply to the high school uniforms district of their choice by January 15 for attendance the following fall. a time passing in front of these shops, who comes up quietly buy the latest fashionable styles.

Between good taste and horror, the desire to work. Every year, tourists, foreign and resort aficionados bling crowd along the Croisette … curbside. Windows are the attractive force of a magnet row. Large ribbon mirror succession of aquariums where fish are scarce commodities, and where the unreasonable price of a kilo of bluefin tuna would give the measure.

The whole world in his luxury accessories meet the rising sea.

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