Kodachrome slides

Kodachrome pack

New-Orleans, french quarter

Mexico city

New-Orléans, french quarter

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunday noon, front of the Mexico city Museum,

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Chunquin Mansion, Hong-Kong

Forbiden city entrance, 1991, PRC

Wuzhou, along the Yang Tsé river

Langzhou, the way to Tibet

Near Lisa's house, People's Republic of China

Inner Mongolia

Bali, Indonesia

Coqfighting in Bali

Somewhere in Australia

Frazer Island, Australia

Sydney, Aine was/is Irish


Digital photography file

Kodak went bankruptcies - Jean-Manuel Simoes

This new, fell 19 January 2012, immediately reminded me of my first amateur photos made ​​with the Kodachrome. I was 25, a graduate with no future but full of illusions, free of ”military obligations” as once said, I had spent two years at work and put-in on the left to afford a trip around the world. See the world change me probably from my immigrant suburb and its blocked horizon. No image culture, art or politics, let alone anthropology or wallpaper off I went backpacking for a journey to the west, where the Reserve requirements are no longer necessary in well managed banking systems, cash is becoming a less common form of money and the importance of inside money (bank money or deposits) has become increasingly evident to the economy online casino as the annual credit report crisis proved. sun sleeps.

The announcement of the Kodak bankrupt made ​​me want to immerse myself in these images has long been buried in a box. At that time the picture was often synonymous with travel in and shoot at slide. Once he had to send back movies in their Kodak pocket, first Sevran then Switzerland, then wait two to three weeks to look at the results. Burned/blacks/tilted … everything going on, but the pleasure of being able to afford a second trip three weeks after the return will never be replaced, nor satisfied with the speed and immediacy ofdigital.

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