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Daltons' brothers


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Daltons' brothers

Toufik and Bay front of the Bosphore café


Zyed and Bouna friends




Nouna and the turc


2005 : Le Chêne-Pointu, Clichy sous Bois, France - Jean-Manuel Simoes

October 2011, publication in France of the Gilles Kepel political report “Suburbs of the Republic”. A study conducted largely in the city of the “Chêne Pointu” (Oak-Sharp) in Clichy sous Bois (93). Strangely, the publication of this report follows a few days the AFP dispatch announcing a tuberculosis epidemic in that city.

These two news comes almost to the day on the anniversary of the death of two teenagers Zyed Benna and Bouna Traoré died October 27, 2005.

The death of two teenagers from the city of Oak Sharp hadtriggered a wave of violent events without mobile casino precedent in France for four weeks.

Since the events, I have been frequenting the “Chêne Pointu” in Clichy sous Bois. I Have been working on a photographic essay, there and in other cities of the department of Seine Saint Denis.

During the TB epidemic I even went to attend the wedding of the brother of a friend I”ve known for almost six years now.

In six years I had time to make many meetings, many photos, so I chose to present some residents of the the “Chêne Pointu”.

A simple presentation, without pretension, without formality, without sensationalism or voyeurism. This could be me, you, here or elsewhere …

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