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Request - Jean-Manuel Simoes

In the jargon of photojournalism  a ”Request” comes from a potential ”client” for possible publication.

In the idea of ​​giving more information on behind the scenes of a trade that is said in crisis, I examined from September 2010 to August 2011 the entirety of ”Request” I received as a photographer living in France. There are 444 coming from french market, edited, I published a book produced in small series that resumes in full.

This period corresponds to a year of work, it is the period between two seasons of the appointment of the profession worldfestival “Visa pour l”Image.”

I will present an excerpt of a score for the 12 months a year so rich in news (Tunisia, casino online Egypt, Haiti, Fukushima, Libyan, Syrian, Bin Laden, Somalia …). All the work is in the form of exposure,very conceptual, consisting of sixty pieces to hang,  an interactive quiz, a kiosk and a catalog.

This work represents a much broader reflection on photography and the media. I am listening and open to discussions that would allow me to move forward in my thinking.

thank you

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  1. John Morris says:

    This looks amazing !

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