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Marne la Vallée

Marne la Vallée

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Through the window - Jean-Manuel Simoes

“Through the Window” is a serie created as part of a photographic study on the daily transport in the Ile de France. Sunday, wearied by the multitude of users of the week, I sat in a RER A to Eurodisney.

Upon arrival at Mickey land I found that there was nothing for me. Too old, too young, no sense at all!

So I left. On Sunday around 15-16h in the RER there are many seats. I moved in the direction of walking by the window and saw that I could not make much of the passing scenery.

I have chosen a high speed (1/1000th) and I shot what casino online I thought was worthwhile, the left eye open trying to guess what would appear to the right eye, without discern what was. Without moving, always with the same frame. Some rigor anyway mate!

I found it all very well that later watching what the camera was fixed and that my eye could not distinguish. That day I realized that one of the great strengths of photography was able to grasp the imperceptible to the eye.

I felt that without being revolutionary, my approach has relevance photographic and I extended this exploration to other lines, to other horizons. I tried to get lost to find what I was not looking.

This series has entered the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale in 2010 was previously distinguished by a Kodak Award.

Amazing is not it?

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  1. Christian Lionel-Dupont says:

    Salut Jean Manuel c’est momo , pas mal ton petit montage de maisons qui se reproduisent a l’infini , du coté des anglais à deux il nous reste de la place. bon ete et bonnes plaques


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