Cathédrale de Chartres

Confession devant la cathédrale de Chartres

moine de l'ordre de Saint Pie-X

Jeunes filles scouts adeptes de la Fraternité Pie-X

Soeurs de Ecôme venues soulager les pelerins

Prêtre traditionaliste à confesse

Prêche pendant les moments de repos

Moine traditionaliste de Ecôme - Saint Pie-X

Pelerins sur la route de Paris

Mise en place du bivouac du premier soir

Messe du soir en plein air pour les enfants

Veillée avec messes en latin et champs scouts

Toilette matinale des enfants en pleine nature

Toilette des jeunes en plein air

Flambeaux et statue de la vierge Marie

Moment de détente des pelerins

Scouts membres de la fraternité Saint Pie-X

Confession pendant le pelerinage

Arrivée des flambeaux devant le Sacré-Coeur

Messe de fin de pelerinage le lundi de Pentecôte

The Order of Progress - Jean-Manuel Simoes

Each year for the weekend of Pentecost the followers of the religious Society of St. Pius X-gather at the Cathedral of Chartres for an annual pilgrimage that takes them three days later on the steps of the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur in Paris.

A few years ago Pope John Paul II called, I worked for press magazines and on information concerning the right-wing cross and the Catholic right I decided to photograph this annual gathering in a way as objective and informative as possible. It was quite difficult as the visible front of me was surreal during the three days. The atmosphere photographic, visual context, made me think of the famous film “The Name of the Rose” from the eponymous book by Umberto Ecco. Despite this difficulty I was pretty happy with the result, which to me was showing my feelings.

When I proposed casino pa natet the reportage to news and photographic magazines I was surprised that my topic was “struck prohibited”. For some there was no question as to treat any issue, even critical and / or informative, was a form of advertising. New to the profession I have not been less surprised by this collection of information, or rather the lack of distinction between information and communication. For others, I had gone too far and my photos were a caricature of the faith of “those people”.

I stayed there with my relationship with “those people” and gradually I got my distance with the press. Today Pope Benedict XVI called the bishops were excommunicated and reinstated the number of Masses in Latin authorized in France for July 7, 2007 has doubled in four years (see Le Figaro, May 13, 2011, article by Jean- Mary Guénois) …

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