Ponte 25 de Abril

Terreiro de Paço

Rua da Boavista


Praia de Carcavelos

Praia de Oeiras

Praia de Carcavelos


Estaçao CF

Praça da Figueira

Largo de Sao Domingos

Cemiterio dos Prazeres

Parque Eduardo VII

Porto de Lisboa

Centro commercial Colombo

Praça do Duque de Terceira

Rua do Arsenal

Lisbon Story - Jean-Manuel Simoes

Quem nao viu Lisboa…

“Among the facades in alternating patches of light and shadow – or rather, light and low-light, the morning pours itself over the city. It doesn’t appear to spring from the sun, but from the city itself, and whether the lights sweeps the walls and roofs, not of them physically, but of their presence in this place. “

It is the Twentieth century Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa, who has best described Lisbon like in this passge from “O livro do desassossego” *.

Lisbonian, he was able to grasp its essence, which mingled with his own mistakes and gave online casino rise to texts that are among the finest in Portuguese literature.

Lisbon, despite a being formated by a world that draws it away from the historical descriptions of Pessoa, has guarded it’s soul. The light that the writer has so well described is always the same. The geographical position of the city, its configuration shape the light throughout the day, all year round…

For a very long time I searched for the source of the city’s special atmosphere. Lanes, paving stones, palm trees, water, the horizon, the blue sky, these images exist in other places. The combination of these elements is held in perfect balance by a single element: light. The Portuguese capital offers one of the finest, if not the most beautiful light in the world. Shifting with the weather to suit different neighborhoods, it is indomitable and fascinating.
Precious and noble material, light is a source of life and raw material for a photograph that reveals more than it seized.

It has logically become the subject of my work.

* The Book of Disquiet

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