Paris XVII, avenue de Clichy

Paris IV, Hôtel de Ville

Paris VIII, rue Tronchet

Paris I, Quai de la Mégisserie

Paris XIX, Jaurès

Paris IV, rue de Rivoli

Paris I, rue de Rivoli

Paris IV, rue de Fourcy

Paris XVII, rue de Rome

Paris I, rue de Rivoli

Paris IV, rue de Fourcy

Paris XVII, boulevard Pereire

Paris Street Photography - Jean-Manuel Simoes

Following the photographic work of Lisbon, completed soon exposed and soon published, I started working on Paris.

Keeping black and white negative film, a technique that I appreciate because I can continue to work without compromise, by its very low costs as long as once do the work itself.

I started making prints of this work is a daily newspaper-photographer in the streets of his own city-daily-life. I still have hundreds of prints to モバイル カジノ make, this work will probably take me until the end of 2011.

But as I began editing on the contacts last winter, I was able to isolate series of images, consistent or not, coherent or not. I”ll do this series in the darkroom and my intention to include them regularly in the work of the month, keeping in mind the idea of ​​a whole.

Until the work is not completed this site will be the place where the photographs will be visible. I await any comments and criticisms that can help me to think, see things more clearly, to move forward.

This first series of photographs of streets in Paris for about homeless people, true victims of winters.

Delighted to read you!

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