No, means no ! - Jean-Manuel Simoes

In November 2010 ended in France a national protest movement began with a surprisingly importance six months earlier in Paris.

Pension reform, a key measure of political Sarkozy, was finally adopted and endorsed by the National Assembly and Senate.

Nobody had expected such a social movement, which throughout France, brought together millions of workers in a burst of peaceful dissent. Attendance as the third day in Paris two routes with the same points of departure and arrival have been adopted by the Police Department and the unions.

This movement, which has surprised political leaders, police and even the unions was a real challenge for me in photography. Fix the movement itself, not as journalism subject but casino spiele as illustration with its own visual entity. Photographing all while viewing the uniqueness of each event without falling into the easy cliche press tends to turn any radical leftist protester or contrary innocent victim of a relentless struggle of classes.

From the second event in the fall holidays, I was surprised by the magnitude of this tremendous outpouring of national solidarity, but also by the inventiveness of the demonstrators, associations and trade unions in their adaptability to the statement the day the day. The sticker had become a real tool for audio communication by the scope of the slogans but also by its visual presence on the jackets of the demonstrators and therefore on the television pictures and news. A real trend “collector” was launched, confirming the supremacy of the visual over the oral.

I collected myself as all these stickers and I have compiled into one day of each event.

The whole work is composed of sixty photographs of the nine events in Paris from 24 June to 6 November 2011.

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